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Avoid These Mistakes For A Successful Internship

Avoid These Mistakes For A Successful Internship

Most of the companies look out for experienced people and hesitate to hire freshers. So how will a recent graduate i.e. a fresher would get a job so that he becomes an experienced candidate? In order to break this infinite loop both companies and the candidates move towards a new age concept called as the ‘Internship’. A recent research by the ‘National Associations of college and employers ‘showcased that nearly 52% of the interns are offered a full time job. So doing your internship well will definitely land you in your dream job. It is very much important to be aware of the mistakes that most of interns does, which will cost them their job.

Mistake #1 – Not being active:

Talk, act and do the job. You are deemed to show your full potential to your boss and make him hire you at no cost. Don’t make any assumptions. If you need anything or have to clarify something just ask for it. Tell your boss that you are indeed looking for a full time job, make him prepared. It is preferable to have a talk earlier so that you can set the tone for your internship.

Don’t be ideal. It is quite common for the line managers to not allocate sufficient work for their interns. But you have to reach out for the work and do it. Asking and doing the work will show that you are interested in the job and will turn out to be very useful in the future.

Mistake #2- Not seeking feedback:

It is very important to track your progress. Not asking feedback will show that you don’t care about your superiors opinions. It is important to track your progress by obtaining feedback from your managers and also from your teammates. Getting feedback will not only help in establishing professional courtesy but will also help in grooming your skills and evaluate your efficiency.

Mistake #3- Being unprofessional:

This mistake is highly underrated. But the reality is that, it is very important to maintain professional boundary when working in a company. Dealing with your superiors and peers as friends is fine but it should be within the professional boundary limit.

Mistake #4- Poor Time management:

Time management is an important aspect in professional/corporate environment. It will create a huge negative impact, when the scheduled time is not followed. So try to be in office by time and complete the allocated work in the stipulated time period.

Mistake #5- Taking internship causally:

Many consider internship as a fun period and fail to realize that it is their path to seize their dream job. Never ever take your internship casually. It is your opportunity and you should strive hard to make full use of it. Hence dedicate your cent percent in your internship and make it happen.

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