Ready for your Dream IT Job Competitive Programming

Ready for your Dream IT Job Competitive Programming

This niche course is designed to prepare you for participating in Competitive Programming Contests in portals like Code Chef, Hacker Rank, Hacker Earth, Top Code etc. Students should not only take this Course if they are interested in participating in a programming contest but also to learn how to train themselves to be a better coder.

What is Competitive Programming?

Competitive programming is a mind sport like a quiz show or a chess tournament. Contestants are given a set of programming problems, and they have to write programs to solve them. In most cases, programs are submitted to an online judge, which verifies that they produce the correct answer and don’t run longer than a specified time limit. Participants are scored according to how quickly they submit a correct and sufficiently fast program.

Why train in Competitive Programming?

  • Makes you a desirable candidate for major companies

Participation in these Programming Contests is a great opportunity to be seen by Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and many other companies in the IT sphere. These major companies are constantly keeping track of these type of events and the participants to find talented employees.

  • Improves your speed and focus

Training and taking part in programming contests make you more a more disciplined, faster and focused coder.

In the competition, you must solve problems in stressful situations and do it up against a deadline or you will lose. Taking part in competitive programming teaches you how to be more focused on the task and not only complete it quickly, but accurately. These skills are highly beneficial for any job, not just in coding.

  • Helps you solve complex problems

While you are training, you learn how to solve these out of the ordinary tasks. This helps prepare you for a job because you can adapt and solve various types of problems, in various types of situations.

  • Training and participation help you prepare for a career in coding.

It is not out of the ordinary to receive job offers from companies immediately after participating in a coding competition.Participating in a coding competition is something you should absolutely highlight on your resume.

As previously stated, having experience in competitive programming shows employers you can work in a team, solve complicated problems, work in stressful situations, manage time and deadlines and minimize errors. It also shows you are a disciplined, focused and fast, which are all indispensable skills. Training for Competitive Programming is a great experience for all programmers.

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